LEVEL 1 workshop

November 30, December 1 &2 in France / Strasbourg city
470€.- 10 seats

-Understand the market of 3D Forensic Facial Reconstruction (FFR)
-Understand the basics of anthropology and forensic science
-Understand how to create your portfolio
-Understand the different types of FFR
-learn how to extract medical DICOM data with Osirix software to obtain a 3d skull in .obj format
-learn how to use the 3D soft tissues depth markers in a 3D environment
-learn how to place the muscles on their origin and insertion landmarks
-learn how to calculate the nose volumetry with regresion equations
-learn the Gerasimov/Lebedinskaya method
-learn how to create the mouth
-learn how to give the eye position the correct eyelids
-learn how to positionate a basic skin on the depth markers, sculpt it and extract a correct displacement map.

You will receive an USB memory stick with:
-a real CTScan data in DICOM format
-3D facial muscles
-3D depth markers
-a basic standard 3D skin

You will need:
-a computer with wacom tablet (optional) on which you will have to install:
-a free installed licence of OSIRIX Dicom reader software
-a zbrush licence -
-some 3D package ( I will demostrate on Cinema4D)

LEVEL 2 workshop

February 8, 9 & 10 2018,
in France / Strasbourg city
535€.- 10 seats

-learn how to sculpt ears, lips and nose
-learn ahow to refine the facial features with HD sculpting and alphas in Zbrush
-learn how to create the UV map and export the 16b displacement map
-learn how to create micro maps details in Bodypaint Cinema4D
-learn how to combine 16b displacements and micro maps
-learn how to use the Hair simulation in Cinema 4D to create
short/long styles, beards, moustaches etc
-learn how to use color variation, density and lenght maps
-learn how to create clumps and dreadlocks
-learn how to create breads
-learn how to use the simulation and gravity tool

You will receive
-a basic standard 3D skin in obj format

You will need:-a computer with wacom tablet (optional)
-Zbrush software
-Cinema4D software
(those two package exist in free trial versions)

LEVEL 3 workshop

coming in 2018

Learn how to render realistic faces using SSS and illumination theory in Vray
Learn how to animate facial rigs
and more...

PRIVATE courses via Skype

We can dedicate 20h/month max to private courses.
The session will be done via Skype.
You can buy prepaid tickets for 1, 3, or 5h. This option is closed everymonth as soon the sum of hours reaches 20h.
1h = 120€
3h = 330€
5h = 500€