LEVEL 1 workshop
November 30, December 1 &2 in France / Strasbourg city
470€.- 10 seats

-Understand the market of 3D Forensic Facial Reconstruction (FFR)
-Understand the basics of anthropology and forensic science
-Understand how to create your portfolio
-Understand the different types of FFR
-learn how to extract medical DICOM data with Osirix software to obtain a 3d skull in .obj format
-learn how to use the 3D soft tissues depth markers in a 3D environment
-learn how to place the muscles on their origin and insertion landmarks
-learn how to calculate the nose volumetry with regresion equations
-learn the Gerasimov/Lebedinskaya method
-learn how to create the mouth
-learn how to give the eye position the correct eyelids
-learn how to positionate a basic skin on the depth markers, sculpt it and extract a correct displacement map.

You will receive an USB memory stick with:
-a real CTScan data in DICOM format
-3D facial muscles
-3D depth markers
-a basic standard 3D skin

You will need:
-a computer with wacom tablet (optional) on which you will have to install:
-a free installed licence of OSIRIX Dicom reader software
-a zbrush licence -
-some 3D package ( I will demostrate on Cinema4D)

LEVEL 2 workshop

coming in 2018

Learn how to sculpt and give realism to your work
Learn hot to create hairs and facial features
and more...

LEVEL 1 workshop

coming in 2018

Learn how to render realistic faces using SSS and illumination theory in Vray
Learn how to animate facial rigs
and more...